Statistics 2015

During  2015,  with  the  support  of  our  partners  Framtidståget  organized  various leisure  activities  and education courses for our clients and members. We were very active on the international level and had different kinds of projects under Erasmus + program.

Main parts of our projects were:

  • Voluntary service (EVS) in Sweden.
  • International projects: Youth exchange / Training / Networking for youth workers.
  • Humanitarian work / Sport as a tool for social integration.

During 2015 we had 11 international projects. We organized 4 projects: “Not Nearby, But Together” in Belarus, “Peaceful Puzzle of Ukraine” in Ukraine, “Gender Justice – From Theory 2 Practice” in Armenia, “Morocco.Co” in Morocco and co-organized a project “Peace Bridge”. We hosted 130 participants from 17 countries, and send out 17 members to participate in youth exchange / trainings / networking for youth workers in other countries.

During 2015 we hosted 2 volunteers from Georgia and Belarus.

As about our humanitarian work, last year Framtidståget collected and sent clothes, food, money, books and other essential household things to Morocco. Also we promoted healthy lifestyle to youngsters. We made sports camps in Morocco where we used sports as a tool for social integration.