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Join EVS opportunity in Slovenia for 2 months!

Name: Multi-Culti Life Skills Lab

Sending organization: Föreningen Framtidståget, Stockholm, Sweden

Host organization: Zavod Manipura, Slovenia

Volunteer tasks vary depending on volunteer´s skills and interest. It can include organising activities and workshops for children, youth and people with disabilities, as well as practical work in the youth centre (renovating, constructing playing material), or any other tasks that will help volunteers grow both personally and professionally. 
Initiative and new ideas are always welcomed, and volunteers will receive support in implementing their own ideas and projects (designing a workshop, leading children activities, designing and constructing projects for the youth centre facilities). Apart from that, the volunteers will have a possibility to learn basics of Slovenian language and get to know Slovenia and surrounding countries.

Location: Poljče is a village located in the Municipality of Radovljica at the southern slope of the Karawanks mountain range. It is especially suitable for people who like nature as it is great for hiking and biking in picturesque forests and mountains and discovering splendid sceneries of the famous Bled lake (which is less than 10 km away). A nearby charming town of Radovljica boasts well-preserved architecture dating back to 15th and 16th century and rich cultural heritage.

Time: May 1 - June 29, 2018

Languages: English (+ learn Slovenian)

Participants we are looking for: 2 volunteers, 18-30 years old, residents of Sweden. 

Expenses: The participation in the project is free of charge. Volunteers from Sweden will get reimbursement of their travel costs of up to 275€. Volunteers will be provided with free accommodation in the youth centre and receive pocket money for daily expenses and food (240€ monthly in total). Volunteers will be provided with bikes and bus tickets to discover the surrounding areas.

Application deadline: 19th of February, 12:00 CET.

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If you have any questions, please contact us at or on the phone +46(0)8-681 05 84


EVS opportunity in Morocco for 2 months!

Name: EVS Caravan

Sending organization: Föreningen Framtidståget, Stockholm, Sweden

Activities: volunteering in the orphanage, elderly care, primary school, hospital, farmhouse, sports activities for children

Location: Larache, Morocco

Time: July 1 - August 30, 2018

Languages: English (+ learn Arabic / French)

Participants: 8 volunteers, 17-30 years, who are interested in getting international experience and work as a volunteer, and who are curious about Moroccan culture. No previous knowledge required. The project is aimed at young people with fewer opportunities and / or psychosocial problems.

Expenses: food, lodging, travel expenses, project costs are covered. 61 euros per person / month awarded in spending money.

Application deadline: April 1, 2018

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If you have any questions contact us:

Anas Haouat, project manager for the Mediterranean region: tel. 086810584 (office number),;
Yousef Yebari, Chairman and therapist: 0707584886,