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EVS opportunity in Morocco for 2 months!

Name: EVS Caravan

Sending organization: Föreningen Framtidståget, Stockholm, Sweden

Host organization: Train of the Future-Larache, Morocco

Activities: volunteering in the orphanage, elderly care, primary school, hospital, farmhouse, sports activities for children

Location: Larache, Morocco

Time: June 15 - August 15, 2017

Languages: English (+ learn Arabic / French)

Participants: 4 volunteers, 17-30 years, who are interested in getting international experience and work as a volunteer, and who are curious about Moroccan culture. No previous knowledge required. The project is aimed at young people with fewer opportunities and / or psychosocial problems.

Expenses: food, lodging, travel expenses, project costs are covered. 61 euros per person / month awarded in spending money.

Application deadline: May 2, 2017

Fill in the Google form to apply https://goo.gl/forms/kQWl07UnQdxmnMAq1

If you have any questions contact us:

Anas Haouat, project manager for the Mediterranean region: tel. 086810584 (office number), anas.h@framtidstaget.se;
Yousef Yebari, Chairman and therapist: 0707584886, yousef.yebari@framtidstaget.se